• I made a selection of outlines so you can colour in your own personal abstract landscape. Just print off the black and white outlines, preferably on good quality paper, and then colour them in – wax crayons, pencil crayons, felt-tips or even oil pastels, would work well. Of course you can do your own thing and use whatever colours you like, but if you want to copy the originals, you’ll find all the images of these paintings in the gallery.


    The titles are: Apple Tree with Thick-Set Fruit; Morning Gold in Wytham Wood; Top Apple Tree, Brick Wick Early Summer; Wytham Wood, Copper and Gold; Buttercup Meadow; Hedgerow, Burton Joyce; Bluebells in Ploughman Wood; Pale Border at the Cottage. The originals are shown below.


    Alternatively, you could project the image on a larger canvas and have a go with acrylics or oils or what about projecting the image onto a wall and make a mural?